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Do you even write?

"This year, I will write at least one article a week." - you

Have you formulated such intentions before? I certainly have and I must admit that I haven't been consistent with any of such intentions. From the fitness world, we know that tracking your progress not only motivates and generates data, but generates a feeling of commitment that helps you to succeed. Writerboards aims to tackle this issue for writers. However, not everybody is a novelist. Most of us write blogs, posts or articles.

So how do you track your contributions?

First, you need accounts for


Let's start with go to your account settings and generate an API key. Retain it.

Next, visit's page to convert your api-key to a token.

Once done, visit api settings and make sure the following webhook info is present:

Reference Endpoint Token {your-token}

On Writerboards, go to integrations and select "". This will generate the necessary webhook-data for Visit api settings again to input the information:

Reference Endpoint Token
Writerboards {your-token}

That's it

You can now start writing on and both Writerboards and should show up preselected as webhooks.


You will probably notice that writerboards will only add tags that are known to the writerboards-community while limits tags in general, but allows free tag generations. Writerboards uses tags to count documents towards a group. If you are in a writerboards group and would like to be on the leaderboard, use one of the tags the group uses.

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