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Coding-Games: A different kind of challenge

I remember being captivated by code-based games like elevator saga as a tool to improve and learn.

However, the missing "hackability" always bothered me, as you can only progress so far and then things feel a little stale. While there are impressive other mentions, I decided to whip up a little gamified challenge myself.


This pure JavaScript/CSS game is approachable, hackable and open-source and I would love to get your opinion on it.

The principle

Well, it's pretty straight forward: you have to develop an algorithm that performs well under changing circumstances. To do so, you have a little online editor:
And can execute your code with the click of a button. The general goal is to mine as many resources as possible per minute before the dying sun depletes your shield. However, in order to give beginners a chance, the sun's radiation doesn't kick in before you manage to mine resources efficiently.

In order to enhance your efficiency, you can build modules with your station and attach them to your ships, build additional ships and/or cool down the shields with water.

If you are interested in improving the game, don't shy away from reaching out:


A JavaScript idle game for coders!

Deployed @

Like it? Leave me a star

Welcome to the family business

Your wacky uncle has passed away, leaving you with his space station and mining business. Being the character he was, he controlled the business using an ancient programming language called JavaScript. Unfortunately, most of the code was lost in a sun-flare shortly before he passed away, along with his fleet. He managed to construct one ship with the remaining resources.

Can you write the code necessary to revitalize the operation and build an ever-growing fleet of mining ships?


sound & music:

Yes, PRs are welcome!

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