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1-5: Python Basics

  1. Day 1-2: Install Python and a code editor; print "Hello, World!".

  2. Day 3-5: Learn basic syntax, variables, data types, and simple operations.

Days 6-10: Control Flow and Functions

  1. Day 6-8: Explore if statements, loops (for and while), and basic control flow.

Image descriptionDays

  1. Day 9-10: Learn about functions and how to define and use them.

Days 11-15: Data Structures

  1. Day 11-13: Understand lists and their operations.

  2. Day 14-15: Introduce dictionaries, sets, and basic data manipulation.

Days 16-20: More Advanced Topics

  1. Day 16-18: Dive into topics like list comprehensions and lambda functions.

  2. Day 19-20: Explore exceptions and error handling.

Days 21-25: File Handling and Modules

  1. Day 21-23: Learn about reading and writing files.

  2. Day 24-25: Understand how to use modules in Python.

Days 26-28: Advanced Concepts

  1. Day 26-27: Introduce object-oriented programming (OOP) principle's

  2. Day 28: Explore more advanced topics like decorators and generators.

Days 29-30: Projects and Practice

  1. Day 29: Work on a small project or solve coding challenges.

  2. Day 30: Review concepts, seek clarification on doubts, and solidify your understanding.

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