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Discussion on: VSCode vs Vim

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Spencer Pollock

VSCode (VSC) and VIM are my two main editors.

I sit within VSC almost all day every day. Editing on multiple devices gets annoying when switching over (Windows/macOS), but there are some plugins to help with that effort (search extension shan.code-settings-sync). VSC is a very powerful editor. Once you have keybinding setup, a few environment configs, and runners, you're good to go. The extension list is ever-expanding, and with that, you're more likely to find a few that really work well for you, or even make your own. Outside of the extensions, Intellisense is my saving grace. I often forget what functions are already implemented (or even the documentation and the argument variables) but that's when VSC is there holding my hand. The majority of work is in VSC because it's pretty on the eyes, integrated terminal for Windows (because no global hotkeys for iTerm2 like macOS) and the ability to work on various instances - even in the browser (see GitHub's new Codespaces?).

VIM is however my go-to editor. If I need things quick done now I run vim not vscode in my terminal to kick things off. Any time I'm remoting into a machine, I run vim. Even when VIM is not there, I install it, copy my dotfiles from GitHub, and continue with my day. VIM is excellent, fast to use - especially when you start understanding the basics - and there is still so much more I don't know about it and have to learn; but there's help with that (duh StackOverflow too). I recommend learning some of the basics in navigation for developers of any kind. Again, back to remoting into other machines, having an editor already there for you taking just a single config file and you're on your way is an amazing tool to have some skills with as a developer. It opens lots of doors, and just like the comments made here (by @wayofthepie ) it's something that can take time doing, but once you get the basics, "[it's like playing an fingers just know what to do.]"

Also, I know there are other terminal editors too, if one stands out then pick that one! Whatever makes you the most productive is the best for you and that's really all that matters. Stay safe 😄❤️

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Michael Kohl

Intellisense is my saving grace

I'm not a big user of Intellisense, but I find Vim's offerings sufficient (I do use ctags quite a bit too):

vim intellisense

integrated terminal for Windows (because no global hotkeys for iTerm2 like macOS)

The terminal in Vim8/NeoVim is pretty good too, but I don't know if/how well it works on Windows.

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Saurabh Sharma

You can use coc.nvim which brings intellisense of vs code to vim

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Michael Kohl

I’m using deoplete.

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pianocomposer321 • Edited on

The terminal buffer in Vim8 and NeoVim is good, but one plugin that I came across recently makes it awesome. It's called neoterm. Here's a great video on neoterm (hosted by Drew Neil, author of the amazing "Vimcasts").

You can also check out this snippet from my Neovim config: