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Dev News - Top articles this week for developers

Hey Devs

I have compiled a list of top articles from last week that you might find interesting

1. A warning about Glassdoor

Many developers rely on Glassdoor for company reviews. But is Glassdoor really that reliable to look for the company review. This article reflects a perspective about Glassdoor

2. Seems like AWS forked an open-source project and presented themselves a new service

The Twitter user @tim_nolet claims that AWS has forked this project and started with a new service. Of course, it's legal but you know?

3. VS-Code extension to make your life easier

This post lists some useful VS-Code extensions to help you write software better. My favorite on the list is Bracket Pair Colorizer, an Indent rainbow.

4. Free course on Docker and Kubernetes

This free course published on the FreeCodeCamp youtube channel that helps beginners learn the fundamentals of Docker and Kubernetes better. Containers have changed how we deliver Software so learning them gives you much advantage. This course covers docker architecture, images, volumes, and Kubernetes pods, services, configs, etc. Much recommended.

5. 150+ Stanford Computer Science is available online

CS Degree has seen big popularity in the last decade. And that popularity is not going anywhere. This article lists down nearly 150 courses from Stanford that are found online.

6. Computer Scientists Break Traveling Salesperson Record

After nearly 44 years, scientists have found a better way to approximate solutions to the notoriously difficult traveling salesperson problem. Traveling salesperson problem has applications ranging from DNA sequencing to ride-sharing logistics. So finding a better solution to seek the shortest round trip is truly inspiring. Read the full article on finding how traveling salesperson has been a real challenge in CS.

7. is open-sourced

Github open-sourced all of its product documentation. This will help in understanding how Github application design, workflow really works, and how we can benefit from it. And the company claims it is the first private production service that we’ve migrated into the open.

That's it :)

I hope you find it useful

Thank you for reading :) :)

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