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Join professionals from RedHat, Polypane & Researchers in Quantum Computing at Git Commit Show

Join us for the 3rd Season of Git Commit Show LIVE, ONLINE on 27th & 28th November, 2021.

Masterclasses and Showcases on DevOps, ReactJS, Web Development, Community Engagement, RPA and much more!

Git Commit Show is the leading online tech conference where senior engineers, researchers, scientists and professors meet while being at home. A 2-day long, online, 100% free meetup where senior developers and researchers share their knowledge and breakthrough projects.
Unlike other online conferences, it is fully interactive with opportunities to connect with speakers and fellow attendees face to face. The show started in 2019 to provide a better alternative to physical conferences by being open, free and inclusive of people who come from remote locations and modest backgrounds.

What's in it for you❓

  • GROW YOUR NETWORK 👫 : Chance of meeting a lot of developers, enthusiasts, researchers.
  • LEARN WHILE BEING AT HOME 👩‍💻: Always wanted to be at a conference, but having troubles while travelling? We've got that covered.
    • Git Commit Show is purely virtual, and with our platform you can have a face to face meet-up.
    • You can ask, cross question and get suggestions on your work from the industry professionals.
  • 60+ YEARS of COMBINED WORK EXPERIENCE 👨‍🏫: The Talks are going to be given by industry professionals who are at the top of their game, working in silence and letting their work do the talking. Some of them include :
    • Maanav Seth : Member of Quantum Computing Group, IIT Roorkee
    • Karan Singh : Senior Principal Architect at Red Hat
    • Kilian Valkhof : Founder of Polypane (Browser for building websites)
    • Ken Soh : Doing amazing work with TagUI & Robotic Process Animation
    • Pachi Parra : Developer Relations & Creator of an online community for Non-Binary & Brazilian Women.
    • Hemant Rangan : Author of Indian Mind at Work
    • And a lot more . . . check out our website.
  • EXPAND YOUR KNOWLEDGE IN 2 DAYS 👨‍🎓: Come and join us, learn within 2 Days, be a part of this community as an attendee, volunteer or if you want, you can be a speaker as well!

Apply here LINK 👈

  • Apply as an Attendee or Volunteer with us for the event. There are a lot of opportunities.
  • Join our Growing Discord and be a part of weekly events & many more. We also have plans for first time speakers to break their fear of public speaking. . . .because fear is a mind-killer!

Important Dates 📅

  • Event Starts 27th November 2021 (Saturday) (GMT+5:30 or IST)
  • Event Ends 28th November 2021 (Saturday) (GMT+5:30 or IST)

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