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Beyond Responsive Design and Future Media Queries, listen what the industry experts have to say!

Let's find out What Kilian Valkhof founder of Polypane has to say about the future of Media Queries, what led him to create Polypane (the browser for responsive design) and Responsive Design. Join Git Commit Show on 27th & 28th November. APPLY HERE

Responsive design is as we all know, creating website, with the end user in mind. The Screen Layout, Environment, Platform and Orientation. What makes it unique and how can you leverage the power of responsive design to your websites to scale to multiple users, products and devices.

Surely, designing a single website that can perform well on all the screen size is a huge task, learning, changing, adjusting, all the intelligent use of CSS media queries and redoing it, Polypane allows the end user to understand, their website in all the available screen sizes at once. Making them understand and deliver queries faster, therefore increasing productivity.

So, I'd like to invite you guys to Git Commit Show, where Kilian delivers his talk on "Beyond responsive design: new and future media queries". Apply for the free tickets here.

There are a lot of things that are going to happen during the event.
What's in it for you?

  • GROW YOUR NETWORK : Chance of meeting a lot of developers, enthusiasts, researchers.
  • LEARN WHILE BEING AT HOME : Always wanted to be at a conference, but having troubles while travelling? We've got that covered. Git Commit Show is purely virtual, and with our platform you can have a face to face meet-up. You can ask, cross question and get suggestions on your work from the industry professionals.
  • 60+ YEARS OF COMBINED WORK EXPERIENCE : The Talks are going to be given by industry professionals who are at the top of their game, working in silence and letting their work do the talking. Some of them include :
    • Kilian Valkhof : Founder of Polypane (Browser for building websites)
    • Karan Singh : Senior Principal Architect at Red Hat
    • Ken Soh : Doing amazing work with TagUI & Robotic Process Animation
    • Pachi Parra : Developer Relations & Creator of an online community for Non-Binary & Brazilian Women.
    • Hemant Rangan : Author of Indian Mind at Work And a lot more . . . check out our website.
  • EXPAND YOUR KNOWLEDGE IN JUST 2 DAYS : Come and join us, learn within 2 Days, be a part of this community as an attendee, volunteer or if you want, you can be a speaker as well!

Join our Discord for weekly Public Speaking Events to improve your communication skills!

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Get your tickets here:

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