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Discussion on: Exhaustion From Tech Hiring Process

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Wow. You're willingness to be vulnerable is really admirable. Know that you are not alone. I'm very different from you -- a white male with 20 years experience -- and I'm actually struggling currently in my interview process as well. My circumstances are totally different from yours, yet the struggles of going through lengthy processes just to be rejected really do take their toll. I am also tired 😐.

It's so sad to me to hear how you feel your race and gender create roadblocks for you. I'd like to believe that people in tech are more enlightened than that, but I realize being in tech doesn't prevent someone from being racist/sexist. I'm sure many people aren't overtly so, but they probably don't consciously consider their biases.

I truly hope you find an employer who is able to see your passion and desire for the real assets they are. Back when I was on the other side interviewing lots of candidates, I was lucky to interview and work with many young people (my last team included 3 college grads with no prior experience), and I saw first-hand how that passion/desire made them great team members.

Thank you for sharing your experience. Like I said, you're not alone.