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Alternatives to PagerDuty in 2023

PagerDuty and Its Alternatives in 2023

PagerDuty, a widely embraced Incident Management platform, excels in responding to alerts and incidents efficiently. However, its pricing complexity may challenge growing businesses and Incident Response teams. This article reviews nine alternatives to PagerDuty in 2023, aiding your selection.

Challenges with PagerDuty Pricing

PagerDuty's pricing starts at $21/user/month, lacking essential features in the entry plan. The cost can soar to over $41/user/month for basic Incident Management functions, with additional charges for Runbook Automation, Stakeholder License, and more.

Top PagerDuty Alternatives

Squadcast (Free and Paid)


Squadcast distinguishes itself as an all-encompassing alternative to PagerDuty, seamlessly integrating On-Call, Incident Response, and Workflows into a unified platform. Its standout features include customizable Schedules, Escalation Policies, Smart Alert Routing, and Multi-Channel notifications for efficient On-Call Management. Moreover, Squadcast excels in Incident Response with integrated communication channels, supportive Runbooks, Custom APIs, Webhooks, and automated Workflows. Advanced Reliability metrics and SLO tracking, along with built-in Private and Public Status Pages, contribute to a comprehensive Incident Management solution.


Squadcast offers a transparent pricing structure with a free plan suitable for smaller teams. Paid plans start at $9/month/user, catering to On-Call needs, and go up to $21/month/user for the Enterprise plan, encompassing advanced features. The flexibility of features and competitive pricing make Squadcast an attractive choice for those seeking a PagerDuty alternative.

Squadcast pricing

Opsgenie (Free and Paid)


Opsgenie, part of the Atlassian suite since 2018, provides a centralized platform for managing alerts, escalations, on-call schedules, and communications. Its features include robust Alert Routing to ensure critical alerts reach the right team members, Schedule Management tools for effective on-call scheduling, and Reporting tools for identifying trends and enhancing incident response processes. Despite challenges such as reported instances of downtime, Opsgenie remains a viable alternative, leveraging its established position in the Incident Management space.


Opsgenie offers a range of pricing plans, including a Free plan for small businesses with up to 5 users. The Essentials plan, priced at $9/user/month, suits those needing advanced alerting and on-call management. Larger enterprises can explore the Standard plan at $19/user/month or the Enterprise plan at $29/user/month for more comprehensive features and support.

xMatters (Free and Paid)


xMatters, positioned as a budget-friendly alternative to PagerDuty, provides a solid foundation for incident management. With features such as Automated Incident Management, On-Call Scheduling, and Alerting, it ensures timely issue resolution and streamlined processes. The platform's Workflow Automation capabilities enable proactive issue resolution, while its simplicity makes it a suitable choice for organizations seeking reliability without excessive complexity.


xMatters offers a variety of pricing plans catering to businesses of all sizes. While the basic plan is free, paid plans start at $9/month/user, and a higher-tier plan at $39/user/month caters to advanced Incident Management functions. However, for larger deployments, the pricing model lacks transparency.

Moogsoft (Paid)


Moogsoft, an AIOps platform, stands out with advanced features for effective IT operations management. It employs Incident Detection using anomaly detection and machine learning algorithms, Root Cause Identification with advanced correlation and ML-based auto-classification, and Automated Incident Response to streamline management tasks. Despite occasional stability issues, Moogsoft is a robust choice for teams seeking a comprehensive AIOps solution.


Moogsoft follows a custom quote-based pricing model, requiring potential users to contact the team for tailored pricing. Factors influencing pricing include the number of users, applications being tested, and the desired level of support.

AlertOps (Free and Paid)


AlertOps, an established Incident Management platform, offers a spectrum of features for efficient alert and incident handling. With On-Call Scheduling, Call Routing, and Workflow Automation, it provides tools for seamless incident response processes. However, some users note that it may be less user-friendly compared to PagerDuty, and its reporting capabilities might not be as robust.


AlertOps presents four pricing plans to cater to different needs. The Starter plan is free, while the Standard plan costs $5/user/month, offering enriched alerts. The Premium plan, at $15/user/month, adds advanced incident response automation. For comprehensive features and enterprise support, the Enterprise plan is available at $23/user/month.

BigPanda (Paid)


BigPanda, a leading AIOps event correlation platform, gained recognition for its innovative approach to Incident Management. Offering Event Correlation, Root Cause Analysis, and Automated Incident Response, it helps IT operations teams identify incidents early and streamline the resolution process. Despite recent criticism regarding customer support and pricing, BigPanda remains a strong alternative.


BigPanda employs a SaaS-based pricing model with custom quotes based on the number of nodes monitored. While praised for its effectiveness, the platform's pricing is reported to be on the higher side, lacking transparency.

Splunk On-Call | Formerly VictorOps (Free and Paid)


Splunk On-Call, formerly known as VictorOps, offers a comprehensive solution for managing alerts, escalations, and on-call schedules. With Streamlined On-Call Management, Data-Driven Insights, and Automated Workflows, it stands as a competitive player in the incident management space. However, pricing details lack transparency and vary based on specific requirements.


Splunk On-Call follows a SaaS-based pricing model, but the specifics are not transparent. Interested users need to contact the Splunk team for personalized pricing based on their unique needs.

FireHydrant (Free and Paid)


FireHydrant, a modern Incident Management platform, has gained popularity for its user-friendly interface and robust performance. Key features include an Incident Analytics Dashboard for a comprehensive overview, Event Tracking for accurate incident timelines, and a Service Catalog as a centralized repository for service information. Despite criticism for limited customization, FireHydrant stands as a compelling alternative.


FireHydrant offers a free plan and two paid plans. The Pro plan, priced at $500/month for 20 users, includes incident management and response automation, ChatOps integrations, and enterprise support. The Enterprise plan offers custom pricing for additional features.

Uptime | Formerly Better Uptime (Free and Paid)


Uptime, formerly Better Uptime, is a newer entrant offering uptime monitoring and Incident Management tools. With an On-Call Schedule Calendar, Flexible Incident Escalations, and an Incident Audit Timeline, it caters to smaller teams with a user-friendly interface. While building its reputation, it may not have the long-standing track record of more established alternatives.


Uptime provides various website monitoring plans, including a free plan and three paid plans starting at $25 per month. The plans offer flexibility to meet different needs, with the option to scale up based on team requirements.

Choosing the Right Alternative to PagerDuty

If you're exploring alternatives to PagerDuty due to cost concerns or support issues, addressing transparent pricing and robust support is crucial. Given the critical nature of On-Call and incident management, selecting the right solution is paramount. The alternatives presented here offer diverse options, each with unique capabilities and pricing structures. For those prioritizing seamless replacement with excellent support, an intuitive interface, and competitive pricing, Squadcast emerges as a standout choice.

Getting Started with Squadcast

Embarking on your journey with Squadcast is straightforward. Sign up for the 14-day free trial to explore the platform. For PagerDuty transitions, Squadcast's PagerDuty migrator tool simplifies the migration of all configurations from your existing account. Wishing you success in finding the ideal PagerDuty alternative!

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