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๐Ÿ›‘Git, its commands and GitHub.........

What if I tell you that you have a mistake at beginning of the project now your website is crashing and you can not reverse the changes. Devastating, Right!

This was the feeling of every developer before Git came into existence. Still, most developers were not using Git because it was difficult to create servers to save source code. To solve this problem, a person name Tom Peterson created an online place to store source code without creating a server and called this online place GitHub.

Most people confuse Git with GitHub, but both are far different from each other. Git is software that helps you store the history of progress that you made on source code. Whereas, GitHub is a place on the internet where you store your source code using git commands.


  • Easy to learn and start working
  • You can easily reverse your mistakes
  • You can quickly store your data on the internet.


Fewer opportunities only for this field.
It can not handle big files, you have to use the LTS version.
It is had to debug errors, and hard to understand some concepts.

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