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Free Appointment Scheduling Tool for Remote Teams

Remote Work and Work From Home is here to stay. Even post-pandemic the majority of office workers are in favor of a hybrid of fully remote setting. This also means we need to use better & smarter tools to be more productive and efficient.

Today we release our Free and Improved Appointment Scheduling Tool for international and remote teams. This software is inspired by online tools like Doodle, which allow team members to indicate their availability. The results can be monitored in real-time and show all overlapping dates and times where all users can attend.

Live demo:

free appointment scheduling tool

Full YouTube Demo:


The homepage calendar remains untouched for most of it. The major improvement is that we now get a shareable single link.

scheduling tool for remote teams

On the new link each user can select the cells to indicate their availability for a given date and time. A name and email address must be provided in order to submit the answer. Updating an already submitted answer is possible by re-submitting using the same email.

appointment scheduler for remote teams

The results sections shows the strict overlap of all the answers, of each submitted user. But also allows you to toggle individual members to see the overlap or intersection.

As in the initial version, all submissions and dates/times are displayed with respect to the attendee's and viewer's time zones.


The full implementation of this team scheduling solution is available on GitHub. We use JavaScript/jQuery for the front-end client with the help of a few libraries, and NodeJS + Express for the back-end server.


No matter your front-end or back-end stack, you can easily integrate this solution into your existing system. For inquiries, problems or other issues please reach to us.

Support email:
Discord community:

Make sure to follow our blog for all new releases. For more tools and resources check out our github:

Have a great day!

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