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Spiro Floropoulos
Spiro Floropoulos

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What is your dream project?

If you were given a high quality team numbering any amount you needed with unlimited financial backing, what would you build? Can be hardware, software or both.

There's a video game I have in my head that's rather complicated but I think would be cool and, given our current abilities in technology, very doable. But in reality I'd never get anybody to actually build it with me, haha.

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Ben Halpern

It would certainly not be pure software if I had unlimited financial backing. I'm an entrepreneur without unlimited financial backing, and therefore software is a good space to be. But if I had unlimited financial backing it would probably be a project related to food or housing, in a way that could help folks with limited financial means have stable access to a comfortable life so they can put more energy into their own education.

I someday would like to take on something ambitious in that arena and code-driven efficiency will play a big role but if you want to go "full-stack" you need a lot of πŸ’ΈπŸ’ΈπŸ’Έ