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Spiro Floropoulos
Spiro Floropoulos

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Developers Senior Class - Episode 2 - Some actual code


Follow me as I try to build a digital version of a physical board game! This is a long-form series (1 hour per episode, approximately) with little to no editing. The intent is to end up with a project that we can actually publish and use together! You will see me try, test, fail, think and hopefully succeed in the end.

This is not a series about simpler or beginner concepts in bite sized formats.

Your feedback is warmly welcome.

Please help me out! Share the video, like it, tweet about it, etc...

Source code lives at:

If you want to view this video on YouTube then just click here

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Denis Viklov

I had a look and I strongly recommend you check MeteorJS for your purpose instead of mashing everything on different technologies you get pub/sub server->client on websockets, internal view lib called blazed which works nice with React and hassle free realtime communication between players also don't forget about mobile apps that could be done from your existing code with apache cordova

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Spiro Floropoulos

Thanks for the tips. I've purposefully chosen my path with reason. I know it's not the best path or one most taken but there's a lot of reason behind everything I've done. Thank you though.