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How To Check If a Text is Available in PDF from Excel Data with Nodejs


This article will tell you how to compare excel file contents with pdf contents or name, so that you can decide if the excel content name is the same as pdf contents or pdf name automatically using nodejs.


  • nodejs

  • most of the command below i will use linux command so if you use windows you can use wsl to recreate the same command

  • example excel file that we use to compare to pdf excel file

  • example pdf folder to compare example pdf

Step 1 - Let's download all the dependencies and see whats inside the pdf folder and whats inside excel file

  • npm install -g yarn

  • yarn add xlsx

  • this is the inside of excel file that we will be compared to pdf file


  • this is inside of pdf folder


  • this is inside of pdf file cat.pdf


so the goal here is to compare the excel file data with the name and the contents of the pdf so we know which pdf correspond to the excel data

Step 2 - Let's code

first of all create an index.mjs file because we gonna use import from es6 syntax and copy paste the code below

import XLSX from 'xlsx';
import fs from 'fs';
import path from 'path';
import pdf from './pdf-parse/index.js';

const workbook = XLSX.readFile('./example_excel.xlsx');
const __dirname = path.resolve();
let to_json =async function to_json(workbook) {
    var result = {};
    const sementara=[];

    // console.log(workbook.SheetNames)
    // change sheet to json
    let jsonParse = XLSX.utils.sheet_to_json(workbook.Sheets["Sheet1"], {header:1});
    // change remove header
    let removeHeader=jsonParse.splice(1,jsonParse.length)
        for(let b of removeHeader){
    // read example_pdf directory
                 const files=fs.readdirSync('./example_pdf')
             // read pdf file one by one and push it to semuaFile array
             let semuaFile=[];
                for await(let c of files){
                    var absolute_path_to_pdf = path.join(__dirname, 'example_pdf',c)
                        let dataBuffer = fs.readFileSync(absolute_path_to_pdf);
                        const z=await pdf(dataBuffer)
                        const j=z.text.trim()
                        semuaFile.push({name:c.toLowerCase(),text:j.split('\n').join(' ').toLowerCase()})
                //compare excel data to pdf file contents and name
                for(let c of sementara){
                    for(let d of semuaFile){
                return  {,pdf_file:JSON.stringify(a.pdf_file)}
    //create a new workbook
    let wb = XLSX.utils.book_new();
    //change json to sheet
    let ws=XLSX.utils.json_to_sheet(stringifySementara);
    //create a new workbook named compared_pdf
    XLSX.utils.book_append_sheet(wb, ws, "compared_pdf");
    /* generate an XLSX file */
    XLSX.writeFile(wb, "compared_pdf.xlsx");

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run it using node index.mjs

you will get a new xlsx file named compared_pdf.xlsx and you will also get a list of pdf file correspond to the data from excel file like this

this is an image before we compare to our pdf


this is an image after we compare it to our pdf folder


you can see in the pdf_file column is an array of a pdf file that is for if we had a bunch of pdf with the same name or content as the excel file we push it to that array later so we can analyze what's inside the pdf also


With this we learn how to compare pdf file to excel file using nodejs for this one i just use simple pdf file with simple text on it you can add regex or some text processing to get a better result you can clone the github below

GitHub logo gakpenting / compare-excel-to-pdf

this repo will compare your pdf to excel automatically

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