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What does it take to develop a reliable mobile banking app?

The demand for state-of-the-art mobile app development for banking services has increased dramatically in the past few years. Entrepreneurs today don’t just need to build secure and reliable mobile banking apps to provide an outstanding experience to their customers, but also need to keep up with the speed and innovation factors to dodge disruption. In this article, we will understand what it takes to build a robust and reliable banking app:

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What Does a Good Mobile Banking App Need to Be?

Before you can begin to get your mobile banking app developed, you must ensure that it meets basic customer needs as well as expectations and is going to be helpful and convenient. Here are some key components of mobile app development:

1. Simple interface

The app should not be a vanilla forging of all digital banking features. It must have core features, which are as easy as to use as possible. The app should not be in any case overwhelmed with all high-tech and complicated functions but must have the basic stuff done right. Some features, like balance checking, transfers, quick payments, and transaction history, review etc. should be the base requirements.

2. Minimalistic yet Attractive UI/UX

UI/UX is all about the look and feel of your app. These are to be taken care of through the development process of your mobile banking app. Good UI/UX is imperative to the process and is critical to your application success. Analyze your audience and userbase closely followed by carrying out usability studies, the conceptualization of ideas, and framing user stories to comprehend user needs and design your application accordingly.

Here are the key UI/UX principles you must include:

Simple navigation
Customized experience based on frequent transactions
Compatibility with all gadget sizes and platforms like iOS and Android
Notification set up

3. Include all the basic features:

Core features of mobile apps for a bank should offer provision to:

  • Set up an account instantly and quickly. Users would like to finish off the process of enrollment from beginning to finish without having to visit a branch.

  • Check account balance as well as recent transaction history. In the modern era of technology, users’ do not require ATMs to check the balance or passbook for keeping a check of the transaction history.

  • Person-to-person payments.

  • Remote deposit capture using a smartphone camera.

  • Receive text messages and push notifications on the user’s activity, as well as alerts.

  • Pay bills on utility services like payments for mobile communications and the Internet, electronic tickets, etc.

  • Get real-time reports as well as summaries on the account activity of the user


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