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Stanley Lim

This is mine backed with Github Actions. Looks like the preview messed up the formatting a bit. šŸ˜…

Hey šŸ‘‹, I'm Stanley

I'm currently a software engineer @aws based in šŸŒ Seattle. I am working on some side projects, learning a couple new dishes, and trying to conquer the world as Tannu Tuva in HOI4.

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āš”ļø A Few Quick Facts

  • šŸ”­ Iā€™m currently working on Cirrus.
  • šŸ§ Learning about serverless architectures, distributed systems, and a bit of ML.
  • šŸ‘Øā€šŸ’» Most of my projects are available on Github.
  • šŸ“ I regulary write articles on my blog.
  • šŸ’¬ Ping me about react, koa, security, and cloud stuff.
  • šŸ“™ Check out my resume.
  • šŸŽ‰ Fun Fact: ęˆ‘ä¹Ÿä¼šč®²äø­ę–‡ć€‚

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    Madza Author

    Haha, the heat is real with this one šŸ”„šŸ”„šŸ˜‚