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Dev Life: Honest development struggle of mine.

I'm not sure how to start this post but the main point that I want to get to is the fact that Me as a web developer I struggling with keeping up to that with all new technologies that popup up around development JavaScript apps.

There are times when I feel pretty confident about starting a project and then right before I start working on it I start with searching for the new greatest, best tech stack for it, so I can at the same time learn new technology and have a product at the end.

And this never ends well. You end up stuck with some tutorial where you can't replicate the example that the tutorial mentor did, or you just end up more confused.

Also, some docs of these new technologies are never complete and they don't offer enough real-world examples - don't get me wrong they have working examples but they are just not applicable in a real-world application.

And yes I know what you might be thinking "you need to work your way up" - yes but before I start I feel that imposter syndrome kicking and I get that feeling that I might not be good enough and I feel stupid even that I have 5+ year experience in web dev.

Whatever the scenario development it's not easy, as that is projected from more experienced devs on us. For example when you watch a tutorial on something and you see that dev writing like insane and everything is working just as intended, and there is no thinking on how to approach some given problem they just do it - when in reality they have practiced that before and they just executed that on video and you end up frustrated. 😅

It takes time to learn and get comfortable with new technology and then start using it with confidence.

And this is a never-ending cycle - I don't mind if - I have patience, but when I realize that it can take me for example 3 days to set up a production-ready project (not just with create react app) with workflows and what not it annoys me.

So I've decided to update my website and then I will set up production-ready starters/boilerplate projects with most common technologies that I think will need in the future, so I don't need to waste time setting up projects from the start, because all of them are pretty much the same you need authentication, authorization, routing, some basic styles, maybe social login,

And I'm sorry for this depressing log 😃 but this is just a reality of mine and I just wanted to share it.

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