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Nova Spatie Backup: Keeps spinning / 422 error: "This disk is not configured as a backup disk."

spekulatius1984 profile image Peter Thaleikis 🍪 Originally published at on ・2 min read

Spatie's Laravel Components are surely known to most and are great helpers to build any kind of Laravel application or website. I've been using the Laravel Backup component on my projects. With my recent shift to Laravel Nova on my new project, I've started to look at the related Nova component. It worked fine, once I got over some initial trouble.

Once completed installing Spatie Backups, I've run a artisan backup:run to see if it works: local backups worked as to expect and are considered "healthy":

local backups are working

As usual, I've continued to set up B2 as my cloud filesystem and backup solution. The setup of B2 as your Laravel backup system is easy and done in a few minutes.

After this, I've installed the Nova component for Laravel backups using composer: composer require spatie/nova-backup-tool and configured the tools as explained. While checking the Nova admin interface I've noticed that it isn't working as expected. The loading icons kept spinning without any data showing up:

Nova loading error

After checking the Firefox browser console I've noticed an odd HTTP-422 request with this message:

422 Request

The message contained an error message, which I've not seen on the admin-panel:

This disk is not configured as a backup disk.

After some research in the code, I've found out this error was caused by a small misconfiguration in the config/backup.php file:

Nova-Backup Misconfiguration

Once I've set this to B2 the backup overview & creation worked as expected:

Nova-Backup Working

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