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No real plan, no prep, just launching quickly: Random Elon

spekulatius1984 profile image Peter Thaleikis 🍪 Originally published at on ・1 min read

Sometimes all the planning and thinking about a project is too much. You just got to jump in and build something. That's what Jess and I did last night. We spontaneously decided to roll out a random, unplanned side-project: Random Elon.

Random Elon returns you a randomly selected Elon Musk quote. You can then share it directly on Twitter to show your love for Elon. Powered by TailwindCSS, plain PHP7 and Laravel Forge the built took less than an hour to build. We started talking and while we were still talking Jess actually put a page together already. I set up some hosting quickly. Forge makes hosting it incredibly easy. Data was quickly collected using spider. Social media images are sponsored by imageee. Makers collaboration 💪️

Open source for the win!

If you want to build something similar you can actually just fork our repo on GitHub and get started straight away. It's mostly HTML. The project literally has only two lines of functional code. No need to think about it much 🤣️ Create your Random Quote selector today and win a cookie 🍪️

Missing your favorite Elon words?

If you think a great Elon quote is missing please send a pull request at the Github repo mentioned above. We are happy to update the quotes to include it 🙏️


Otherwise, I have to say, no animals were harmed in the development of this project. Tasty cookies have been eaten. 🍪️

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