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Krystal Speer
Krystal Speer

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Week One

I’m one week down and I have fifteen more to go. I just finished my first week at CTRL+SHIFT coding program. I am new to the tech world and didn’t quite know what to expect. Coming into this I thought someone would teach me what I needed to know and send me out to be successful. Come to find out that teacher was going to be me. Everyday new challenges arise. But with the tools and resources that were provided I can call myself a “coder.” The biggest challenge so far for me is staying focused. With a million things running through my mind and life happening outside of class, I find my mind starts to wonder off after ten minutes of reading. Trello has been introduced to me as a tool to stay organized and on track. I haven’t fully used it but it is now my goal. The best tool yet has been Google it helped me break down and learn to search for exactly what I was looking for. Building my website was a personal accomplishment because it was my first project I learned on my own. So going into week two when I get discouraged I will remember why I am here. My son and our future. This program will open doors to being financially stable and give me the independence that I have been looking for.

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