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Intro To HTML

speerkrystal profile image Krystal Speer ・1 min read

Week three of coding school. Have you ever been internet surfing and never even looked at the websites you were going to? Or even noticed them? Well I haven’t until just recently. We are starting our first big project this week in class. Building our personal websites. I was like this is going to be easy I will just click here and copy paste there and done. Um…. Boy was I wrong. Till this week I never knew was HTML was or CSS. SO I have decided to share a few things about the first days of website development.
We are using HTML. HTML is a markup language which is used by the browser to manipulate text, images and other content to display it in required format. At first I was a little intimidated and then realized I had been using it all along. So below are the 5 points of our element.

  1. Opening tag
  2. Closing tag
  3. The content
  4. The element

By telling our compnter how to do this we are creating the format of how people will view your website. Now CSS ( Cascading style sheets)is what makes your website look awesome and also where you can add all your personal touches. I am looking forward to seeing my finished product.

Discussion (2)

katnel20 profile image
Katie Nelson

Hey Krystal! Welcome to the world of coding. I remember when I started how baffling I thought it was. Keep it up and have fun with it. Eventually it will all fall into place.

codenutt profile image

Hi Krystal! Welcome! Might i make a small suggestion for these? Add some code! It'll reinforce what you know and makes it more fun to read!

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