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Discussion on: Which newsletters do you read?

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Jeffrey Tao

I mostly subscribe to RSS Feeds nowadays but here's the few newsletters I still have, or my favorite RSS feeds which have newsletters:

  1. Morning Cup of Coding - Mostly a roundup of articles from HN/
  2. Stratechery - Great, detailed analyses about the businesses of the big tech companies.
  3. The Exponential View - Tech News & Futurism

And now a few non-technical newsletters that I love, since I firmly believe that people that work in tech should be aware of the world around them:

  1. 1843 (The Economist)
  2. Atlas Obscura - Weird, interesting stories about places all around the world.
  3. Longform, Longreads, Narratively - long-form stories and articles
  4. Aeon
  5. Nautilus
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Raunak Ramakrishnan Author

I read some articles from Nautilus, Aeon and Atlas Obscura. Quanta magazine is nice too for great stories on Math, Physics ans CS research.

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Jeffrey Tao

Quanta is also good! Thanks for the reminder, I should add that to my Feedly.

I had seen all of them from time to time on HN/ and finally decided I should just start tracking them myself via RSS :P