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Integrate @specialdoom/proi-ui in your svelte project

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This article provides some tech details for integrating @specialdoom/proi-ui in your new or existing svelte project.


  1. Introduction
  2. Creating a svelte project. Integration of @specialdoom/proi-ui
  3. Demo


I am aware of the multiple UI components libraries provided by the open source community. I mean look at this following @MadeWithSvelte category, it has 2 pages 😲. So, we can admit that the frontend community is trying to consider @svelte as part of their tech stack by improving and updating the svelte resources, not only the UI ones.

Here I am, part of the community, presenting the UI lib I have developed during the past years and it's integration. Starting with a very simple and naive library to a third version including a redesigned process using Figma and it's components approach.


  • JavaScript, HTML, CSS
  • Svelte
  • Visual Studio Code


Let's create a new svelte project by running the following command provided by svelte docs.

npm create vite@latest appname -- --template svelte
cd appname
npm install
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Now we should have a simple svelte app and we are ready to develop some amazing features for it. To integrate @specialdoom/proi-ui, first, we need to install it in our project by running the npm install command

npm i @specialdoom/proi-ui
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Second step of the integration is to import css variables in our main app file

// App.js
import App from './App.svelte'
import './global.css';
import '@specialdoom/proi-ui/variables.css';

const app = new App({
  target: document.getElementById('app')

export default app;
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or in our global css file.

/* global.css */
@import "@specialdoom/proi-ui/variables.css";
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Right now everything is up and ready and we can use the provided components like

// App.svelte
  import { Button } from '@specialdoom/proi-ui';

  function handleClick() {
    console.log('[Button] click...');

<Button variant="primary" on:click={handleClick}>
  Click here
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