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If characters in The Avengers wrote a dev blog.

Chris Guzman
・2 min read

Learn to effectively use git branches

By Groot

I am Groot. I am Groot:

let I_AM_GROOT = "I am Groot";
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$ git branch
// *i-am-groot
$ git checkout -b we-are-groot
$ git add .
$ git commit -a -m "We are GROOT!"
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The 6 infinity Ruby gems you need to use

By Thanos

Yes, I’ve spent countless years chasing down these gems, so that they will always be at my hand. The first of which can help you clean up your timezone tests. The Time gem supersedes Timecop as the reigning victor when dealing with Dates….

Introducing the newest Rails helper: ActiveVision

By Aaron Patterson (@tenderlove)

I needed to see when my cat’s were yawning so I put together a quick computer vision library. I needed help so I paired with Vision on this project. That guy has some forward vision! You may be aware that a previously version was built, known as AdequateVision. I’m excited to announce AdequateVision has been promoted ActiveVision and we’re including it in Rails 6. You can read more about this Machine Learning OCR helper powered by the Mind Gem in this recent blog post published by Thanos.

Hulk Bash! My favorite shell scripts

By Bruce Banner

alias smash=touch

smash ironman.txt
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Why you should minify your code

By Antman

Using the new algorithm by Henry Pym, we can shrink and minify your code into “Pym Particles”. Just don't over do it or your code will reach a “Quantum Realm” where your code may no longer compile.

Show HN: thanOS - an operating system that will change your reality.

Submitted by Thanos - 8 hours ago

Advanced Web Development

by Spiderman

Dark Mode all the things!

By Black Widow

Full Stark Developers

The next generation of robotic developers

By Peter Parker, intern at Stark Industries

Rails Magic: under the hood

By Scarlet Witch and Dr. Strange

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