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How do you like to learn coding? Have you seen Fritz on Twitch?

Everyone learns in a different way. I spent hours in Barnes and Noble, an actual bookstore, reading books and then eventually buying them to bring home and reference over time until I had to go and get the next one.

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That was until Google and blogging was a thing. Then it all was indexed enough to search through and then docs and open source became a thing.

YouTube is a great way to learn just about anything as well as a good way to waste a few hours on nonsense too...

A friend and colleague of mine Jeff Fritz has recently started a Twitch Channel where he is regularly jumping online and real time streaming and coding in C# on Windows and Mac projects, doing pull requests on his projects where he is building all kinds of cool things.

Subscribe to channel on twitch, follow him on twitter, learn from his guests...

We started a great project on an earlier stream called CoreWiki - contribute!

Every month he is hosting an 8-9 hour workshop FREE on topics like .NET, C#, Azure, IoT, Architecture and much more. Basically this is like a virutal conference with the best presenters you can get on a topic. All FREE!

This month's workshop guests was on C# here was the lineup!

For resources on learning .NET and C# see

See the videos from the workshop.

Maria Naggaga

Sarah Dutkiewicz

Steve Smith

Bill Wagner

Sara Ford

Mads Torgersen

Phil Japikse

Immo Landweth

Scott Hanselman

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Sam Ferree

There's a huge amount of value that can be seen from his pair programming sessions.

He and his guests find so many bugs/inefficiencies prior to even debugging by just talking the code out.

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