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Chat GPT vs Human

Hey there !

Welcome back to another post! (yet again after a long time, sorry about that).

Today, while I was exploring ChatGPT I thought to tell it to a write an article for me. I gave the following prompt :

write blog post on the topic "Take Stunning Photos and Videos with Your Smartphone: Tips and Tricks" it should be like my English vocabulary is not so good but on a medium level and make it more friendly for everyone so everyone can understand it and add a toc at top also a heading for each paragraph telling the topic. word limit is 500 words. also write a catchy title

It generated a full post for me in about in 2 minutes!
I was amazed to see its capability, but after I read the article generated I thought why not compare it to my most famous article which had the most "views" so, without wasting any time I went to the site to count the words and this website also provides with the Reading Level. When I checked the reading level it said "College Student". And when I checked my own post which had less words but 306 views the site said "College Graduate". I was ammuzed by this result!

Here are the screenshots :

Image description

Image description


So what are your thoughts about ChatGPT vs Human? However ChatGPT is still a great invention for almost everyone.
Comment down your thoughts.

Thanks for reading :)

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