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Sebastian Tiedtke
Sebastian Tiedtke

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Runme: Road to Testable Docs

Today, we are excited to ship Runme v0.4 adding notebook authoring capabilities. The first intermediate step on the road to v1.0. Make changes to your existing READMEs, execute your commands, save and share with your fellow developers. Or, just create a brand new Runme notebook from scratch, saving changes as you go. Runme notebooks are 100% markdown-compatible and the best choice to document your repo’s development environment. Here’s how:

Open source toolkit for testable docs

Open source toolkit for reliable docs

If you haven’t used Runme yet, it is really neat. It will let you open your README (any markdown file really) as an interactive notebook. Stay focused and save time by clicking ▶️ next to commands to intuitively execute the commands and forget about copy & paste. All open source. No changes required to your markdown, install, open, and go! Keep reading to learn more about this release and what’s planned for Runme v1.0.

No More Broken Docs 👉 Roadmap to v1.0

Runme’s vision is to provide a flexible - open source - toolkit to deliver testable docs.

Runme Notebooks

More at

In Runme’s initial release a few weeks back, we decide to forgo “full notebook editing” to ship faster and learn from users. We've done our homework and came up with a plan. For Runme's v1.0, to achieve testable docs, we are planning the following:

  1. Full editing inside ✍️ of Runme notebooks (v0.4 ✓)
  2. Shared session-state 💻 between notebook & terminal
  3. Elevate ergonomics 👩‍💻 inside notebook UX

Read more about the detailed breakdown of above's line items at as well as GitHub Projects boards to track progress. ETA for v1.0 is planned for February/March 2023.

Check it out!

If you haven’t yet, now is a good time to give Runme a spin at You’ll be surprised how quickly it will replace your old markdown editor and associated habits.

Stay tuned! Thank you.

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