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Deploy Your HTML Website on IPFS with GitHub and Fleek

Explain the benefits of deploying a website on IPFS, such as decentralization, increased resilience, and improved load times. Introduce the tools used in the guide: GitHub for version control, and Fleek for easy deployment.

Step 1: Create a GitHub Repository:
Provide details on creating a GitHub repository and organizing your HTML website source code. You can include tips on version control best practices.

Step 2: Sign Up on Fleek:
Guide users through creating an account on the Fleek website. Explain the connection process between GitHub and Fleek.

Step 3: Start a New Project on Fleek:
Explain the process of starting a new project on Fleek, selecting the GitHub repository, and choosing the "OTHER" option for the framework.

Step 4: Deploy Your Site:
Walk users through the final steps of deploying the website. Mention any settings they might want to configure, and highlight the importance of choosing "OTHER" as the framework.

Step 5: Wait for Deployment:
Inform users about the deployment process and the time it might take. Encourage them to be patient and mention that the IPFS hash and link to the deployed website will be available once the process is complete.

Summarize the key points of the guide, emphasizing the simplicity and advantages of using GitHub and Fleek for deploying HTML websites on IPFS.

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