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Souptik Debnath ⚑
Souptik Debnath ⚑

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08 AI Based Figma Plugins

Hey designers! Get ready to enhance your figma skills and unlock your full potential with these incredible ai-based figma plugins.

Figma, the ultimate design tool, has dominated the industry with its collaborative capabilities and impressive interface. However, we are about to reveal how AI is revolutionizing the game, so brace yourself for a ride 😲

So get ready to level up, flex your design muscles, and unleash your creativity like never before. It's time to dive into the world of these game-changing figma plugins that'll make you the design MVP you were meant to be ⚑

So lets get started without further ado!

1. Ando

Ando AI, is here to supercharge your creativity! With just a few clicks, Ando AI unlocks a world of endless design possibilities. Harnessing the power of prompts, shapes, and images, it effortlessly generates millions of design ideas that will ignite your imagination.

Get ready to explore, experiment, and bring your vision to life like never before.

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2. Muse

Muse is an AI-assisted copywriting tool.

Muse will take any text content and suggest alternative options that are clearer, more concise, and more useful. It's fine-tuned on thousands of examples of great copywriting from the best products in the world.

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3. Clueify

Follow a data-driven design approach for better results. Understand where users will look and how they will perceive your design.

With the Clueify AI you can simulate user behaviour with just one click. This makes pinpointing potential usability problems easier than ever before.

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4. Dreamer

Dreamer allows you to use Stable Diffusion inside both figma and figjam utilizing the API. Type in a text prompt or use images on the canvas to generate new images in figma or figjam.

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5. Automator

Automator is your go-to platform for building custom automations that save you valuable time in Figma. With our intuitive drag-and-drop interface, you can effortlessly create automations that tackle time-sensitive tasks with just one click.

Say goodbye to repetitive actions and hello to streamlined workflows.

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6. Uidesign AI

Watch AI design your prompt in real time. Use your imagination and words to describe wireframes, website deigns, resumes, and much more!

You can also enter a url to import the website design as a Figma Frame.

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7. Builder

Teach Figma how to speak code: generate designs with AI, convert designs to code, import from web.

With, designers and developers can bridge the gap and work harmoniously to bring their vision to life. It's time to unlock the full potential of design and code integration.

Let be your guide on this transformative journey.

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8. Unbackground

With just a single click, Unbackground effortlessly removes backgrounds, giving your images a clean and professional look. Say goodbye to time-consuming manual editing and hello to a streamlined workflow.

Whether you're working on design projects or social media content, unbackground is your go-to tool for instantly enhancing visuals.

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In conclusion, the integration of AI elements into Figma not only enhances its functionality but also opens up exciting possibilities for the future.

So, whether you're looking to automate tasks, generate design ideas, or simplify complex processes, these AI-based Figma plugins are here to make your design journey smoother than ever before.

Embrace the power of AI and let these plugins be your trusted companions in unleashing your full creative potential.

Happy designing πŸ€—

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