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Intro Heading

I don't know why you should read it but, if you are reading it let me tell you if you are looking forward to being an SDE or a great programmer in general, you should be aware of Open-Source and should contribute to open-source projects, if now then Hacktoberfest is a great place to start your Open-source journey.


At the beginning of my coding journey, I was using git and GitHub, but I did not know that I am doing some OS(open-source) contributions. But later on GSoC, MLH came into the picture and those things got my interest, after that I started searching for that, and later on, I got introduced to Hacktoberfest by a random YT recommendation, which got me started with OS.


I have completed HF and but sadly there is one extra contribution.


I mainly contributed to one of the repositories of our DSC's, Built a Streamlit based app there, made an ML model for Forest fire prediction, did some EDA on the data, it was pretty basic, and yes! yes! I did deploy that app too.
These are my first 4 contributions,



1st, legends say, "one can't simply learn Git", and this is true.
HF helps you to dive deep into git, introduce to bash which is a Linux-based CLI.
2nd, after doing HF now, I have so much respect for OS contributors, I can't even explain to you just by telling, Its really tough, but you need to have patience and should communicate every time with your maintainer about the changes you are making in the code base, and sometimes if the PR is related to UI and web dev stuff then it really gets difficult to merge a PR.

AND AT THE END ALL THIS HARD WORK IS NOT FOR WAST, you get real-world experience with git and GitHub, explore a new field, become a good communicator and the list goes on and on.

Don't wanna stretch things rn, but thanks for reading this non-sense, BP, and wasting your time.
Thank you 🙏 and have a great day.

PS. don't make any comment if you find any typo or grammatical misstate, I am posting this without even reviewing the write-up.

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