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Hi everyone,

Been a lurker here for a while, thought I'd say hello.

Been coding since I was 33, am now 42 and in my 3rd role.

I've mostly been in desktop old fashioned work with winforms,. Net and sql server.

However I'm interested in graph databases, constraint based programming and neural networks - these areas interest me as they feel like they would be converging interests I could use to solve interesting problems.

Currently exploring sql graph for a configurator validation tool for one business.

I'm not as keen on front end work as many others, I prefer to hang around back end, data stuff and code generation, middleware and the like.

As for advice for others, novices and otherwise, older books like code complete 2, pragmatic programming, programming pearls and the like are all valuable reading. And the newest cleverest stuff is often, very often stuff from the 60s and 70s from what I can see, except with more horsepower.

That's all for now :)

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