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Discussion on: Why You Shouldn't Use A Web Framework

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Richard Griffiths

You know what, frameworks are the reason I say I'm not a front end dev.

I can do nearly anything reasonable, and some less so, in sql alone-just give me enough time ok?

Today we had to duplicate a spreadsheet of aggrated results with um.... Just html and the result set. This set is a table whose entire content is a single result. 216 cells worth.

We generated the entire table in maybe 30 lines of c# and some dog simple css.

Its really rather nice, it's readable, we can maintain further pages this way.

And yet we are novices at html, css, and hardly ever touch javascript.

The work is worth money to someone.

Over complicating the front end is what my perception of frameworks is. If all I've got to do, to be a front end dev, is do a decent job of generating reasonable html and know my css, I can manage that.