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re: Ah, the issue is that the "IDs" named range is pointing to the old 'Video Stats' sheet.

Now I don't know what to think any more :(
I've renamed the sheet back to the original name. I've copy-pasted your script again.
I get this error: TypeError: Cannot call method "getValues" of null. at getVideoIds(Code:35) at updateStats(Code:26)

What am I doing wrong?

Go to "Data > Named ranges..." to define a range of cells. There should be one named "IDs" spanning B2:B1000. This corresponds to the VIDEO_ID_RANGE_NAME variable in the script.

Yup. Works like a charm now.
Can this be modified to track several sheets? Or would I need to create a script for each sheet?

Thanks again!

The script needs to know which video IDs to look up, so if you want to spread the IDs over multiple sheets, you can create multiple named ranges and iterate through each one. No need for multiple scripts.

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