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Sophia Smith

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How is IssueWire as a press release distribution service?

While searching for press release distribution services I visited quite a few online distribution sites. Among them, I was quite intrigued by IssueWire, especially when I saw that it is offering guaranteed placements in more than 150 top-rated media outlets. I have noticed IssueWire is also giving the first PR distribution for free among other benefits like client dashboard and performance report.

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Emma • Edited

I recently worked with the company for my business and I must say I am completely satisfied with the services.

I had a small beauty and cosmetics business that I wanted to establish online. After researching quite a lot, I came across IssueWire's writing and distribution services and I went for it mainly because of the affordability.

One thing I can say from my personal experience is that they deliver what they claim. My press release was published on more than 150 websites and in return I experienced more visibility for my brand.

All thanks to IssueWire, I got to publish the first PR for free as well. Now I have become quite a constant customer of the company. So if you are searching for a testimony of IssueWire's services, I would say go for it, as it is affordable, effective, and easy to work with.