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Saujan Ghimire

Hey! I am Saujan. An electro-mechanical student turned Software Architect for past 6 years, self-taught like most out here. I am currently in the city of Eindhoven, The Netherlands and building a career with VTEC Lasers and Sensors.

I love working on IoT and full-stack, however my background allows me to stay on all phases of a product lifecycle, inception to RMA. And the little experience I have also puts me in the role of a project leader and mentor.

Currently I am occupied with solutions on health sector for gas and dust sensing. I think the work we do is very important for this time, and are slowly progressing to measure, present and distribute data reliably. We are relatively a new company in IoT so long way to go, and pretty quiet one with not much social presence.

Thank you for having me here, I am hoping to be able to write articles and maybe help the community out there and myself.