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MongoDB Tool Kit 🛠️

First of all, we need mongoDB client. For this i would recommend mongoDB official website where OS specific step wise instructions are provided.

Install MongoDB
Following MongoDB Installation documentation one can easily install the client. But I would recommend to use MongoDB Atlas is a hosted MongoDB service option in the cloud which requires no installation overhead and offers a free tier to get started.

Run-rs is the easiest way to get a MongoDB replica set running for local development and testing. Sessions and transactions don't currently work on standalone servers, so homebrew and the official Docker image are not viable for local development if your app uses transactions. Run-rs lets you go from not having MongoDB installed to running a replica set in a single command, so download it and get started using MongoDB transactions! Only dependency for Run-rs is NodeJS.

MongoDB for VS Code
Last thing we need is an extention for VS code and very aptly called MongoDB for VS Code. It is very easy to use and makes easy to work with MongoDB. Just give it a try, here is a blog post explaining its different practical use cases.

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