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My 2019 in review and Goals for 2020

Sonia Singla
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Finally, 13 months of 2019 are over, so excited for 2020, new year xDDDDD. The beginning of every year start out with all of us to set some ambitious goals, and renew confidence to achieve the abandoned goals.

Here, I enter the 9th week of outreachy internship with Mozilla. In this blog post, I am sharing my 2019 in review, and some goals, promises to myself for 2020.

My 2019 year in review:

1. Contribution to Firefox Devtools: It took me many sleepless nights to setup the Mozilla Central on my laptop. But huh, I did it. I squashed some bugs on GitHub and Bugzilla. Met some great people : Nicolas Chevobbe, Mark Banner, David Walsh and many more. Really happy to made few contributions to Devtools and more contributions in future, wish me luck 🦊

2. Volunteering for l10n team: I want to make larger impact on l10n Punjabi team and i would say Mission Completed. Got the maintainer status and also, engaged more contributors on the board. Heartly thankful to Peiying Mo and the whole l10n team for helping me out proactively, believing in me, and most importantly for inviting me to All Hands meeting twice, and I feel sorry for unable to attend (visa rejected). It couldn’t work out two times, and may be in future πŸ’«

3. Health Problems: Disappointed to say, I got health issues : neck and back pain, gained weight and improper sleep. I’ll definitely work on this and this will go a long way πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ

4. Outreachy Internship in Mozilla: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! 🀩 πŸ₯³ I am incredibly proud to be a part of web-compatibility team of Mozilla Firefox. The whole team is super cool, helpful, and welcoming. Huge thanks to Dennis, Mike and the team for comforting me and encouraging me to learn more. I learned how to work remotely with a cross-cultural team and many more amazing things.

5. Blogging and Speaking: I wrote some blog posts and gave conference talks(only two πŸ˜‚). I feel i can do better at writing and speaking if I focus little bit more πŸ‘»

6. First International trip: Travelled to Singapore for attending conference and participated in UNESCO hackathon. Won the hackathon with three prizes: AI Dev prize, Cloud prize and audience prize πŸ€ͺ This is was the first time i traveled to another country and being solo, i was not nervous at all πŸ˜‚ Enjoyed a lot.

Goals for 2020 and some promises to myself:

1. Get healthier: For the major part of my day, I keep sitting on my chair, and even skip meals just because i don’t want to get out of it. Get sufficient sleep, eat healthy and spend more time in doing physical activities.

2. Outreachy Internship with Mozilla: I want to complete the project by the end of this internship and implement one extra feature that adds to the project, resulting in making it more amazing 🀞 For a long run, I want to continue volunteering for web-compatibility team and submit more patches. I’ll be appearing for job interviews after this semester and for me, 2020 is the most important year in a long time, serve as a turning point in my career.

3. Blogging and Speaking: As I mentioned above, I believe i can do more better at blogging and speaking. I’ll write blogs more often, post regularly and definitely going to submit the proposals for upcoming conference and guess what, already submitted one, today only πŸ‘©β€πŸ’»

4. Continue volunteering for Mozilla: Almost more than a year into my journey at contributing in Mozilla I feel as though I haven’t done anything noteworthy. Send me good wishes for 2020 🀞

I code soniasingla and tweet at @soniasinglas 🧐

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