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Use Google Like a Pro 😎

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1. Exact Phrase

If you want to get an exact phrase that you wrote in the search bar just wrap the phrase with quotes (β€œyour query”) then you get result pages with the exact phrase you mentioned.

2. Search Within a Site

If you want to get results from a particular site then this trick helps you a lot.

Just use site:[domainname] just after your query to get results from a particular site.

3. Search Similar

Find a site with similar content to a URL you already know. Just put related:[domainname] and you get similar websites related to your domain.

4. Exclude a word

Really helpful google search tricks right? Here is one more, Add a hyphen(-) before a word to exclude a search term.

This is useful if you are searching for a word with several meanings.

5. AND

Like OR there is a AND for google search tricks. Search for X and Y, this will return only results related to X and Y. Note: It doesn’t really make much difference for regular searches, as Google defaults to β€œAND” anyway. But it’s very useful when paired with other operators.

Example: jobs AND gates

More cool google search tricks here:

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