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Coronavirus Tracker in Python? Get current COVID-19 Cases

soniarpit profile image CodeSnail 🐌 ・1 min read
# Author: codesnail

from covid import Covid
import matplotlib.pyplot as pyplot

covid = Covid()
print("Want data of specific country (press: 1)")
print("World data (press: 2)")
ch = int(input("Enter your choice: "))

if ch == 1:
    country = input("Enter your country name: ")
    data = covid.get_status_by_country_name(country)
    cadr = {
        key: data[key]
        for key in data.keys() & {"confirmed", "active", "deaths", "recovered"}

    n = list(cadr.keys())
    v = list(cadr.values())
elif ch == 2:
    cadr = {
        "confirmed": covid.get_total_confirmed_cases(),
        "active": covid.get_total_active_cases(),
        "deaths": covid.get_total_deaths(),
        "recovered": covid.get_total_recovered(),

    v = list(cadr.values())
    n = list(cadr.keys())

print(cadr) # print data

pyplot.title("Corona Tracker"), v, tick_label=n)
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muhimen123 profile image

Nice beginners project. Using pyInquirer will surely make the CLI activities better.