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Bad Programming Habits

soniarpit profile image CodeSnail 🐌 Originally published at ・1 min read
  1. can’t focus on one language
  2. don’t have fundamentals clear
  3. think you know everything
  4. don’t utilize the resources
  5. ignore errors
  6. don’t know how to optimize the code
  7. refuse to ask for help
  8. freeze under pressure
  9. don’t write enough comments
  10. can’t accept new technologies
  11. copy code from online
  12. don’t plan before implementing
  13. count hours
  14. over engineer simple problems
  15. ignore suggestion of others
  16. don’t practice much
  17. give up too soon
  18. don’t use social media
  19. don’t interact with programming community
  20. don’t keep project manager updated
  21. are not clear about what you’re doing

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