Top 6 Reasons the Time is Now for DevSecOps in the Federal Government

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Top 6 Reasons the Time is Now for DevSecOps in the Federal Government

Underpinning all modern technology - software and hardware - is a supply chain. However, even as “software eats the world,” or we could argue “ate the world,” there is still too little understanding of the software supply chain, with continued focus on hardware. The reality, however, is that software is much easier to pollute than hardware. While there has been an increase in awareness around the need for a coordinated application security strategy, the federal government has historically focused on playing strong defense, putting up walls at the perimeter, and at the end of the digital supply chain.

It’s time to shift more security resources further left. In this way, the government can play better offense at the beginning of the digital supply chain so that federal agencies can better protect themselves and the American citizenry.

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