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Andrew Jackson

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Welcome Post

Hi, My name is Andrew but my friends call me Sunny.

I am an aspiring Web/Software/UI Developer trying to find the right company that will give me the chance to show my skills and improve along the way. I have been learning and building different projects for 3 years on my own and through other means. I am working on my Associates in Computer Technology. I have also attended a 12-week full-time coding boot camp.

I am married and have a 1-year-old beautiful, little girl. I love technology whether it’s taking apart a tv or creating a fully functional, responsive website. I am constantly asking myself: “Can I do that?” or “How does that work?”, then finding a way to learn more about it. I always try my hardest to accomplish the goals I set with the resources and knowledge I have, and research and learn more about what I don’t.

I am able to pick things up quickly especially things involving technology. Things like fixing hardware inside a computer, learning different web technologies, or experimenting with different flavors of the Linux operating system. I am a fun, creative, and intuitive person that loves technology and I look forward to speaking with you all.

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