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Who is Alaina Strife??

Hello fellow tech friends! My name is Alaina Ann Strife (including the middle name to show how unoriginal I am) and I am currently a junior. Thankful I'm a junior because HOPEFULLY all of this COVID shiz will end soon if people just ya know, listen to medical and federal guidelines. But maybe I am too hopeful. Anyway, I am an IST - Design & Development major here at PSU with a minor in Security Risk Analysis. This upcoming summer I will be an IT intern at Merck, not sure what I am working on yet. Last summer I interned at Trane, and although the company atmosphere was great, its not too riveting coding for air conditioners.

I am from a ~super~ small town in New York near Ithaca called Horseheads. Yes, its really called Horseheads. My friends here like to change it every time they mention it to a different animal and body part - like "Beavertail" or "Monkeyfeet." Its a really pretty area though with lots of vineyards and waterfalls so I recommend visiting sometime!

I absolutely love Penn State, and cannot imagine anywhere else that I would belong right now during my college years. I will be BIG sad this time next year when they will be kicking me out soon and I will have to be... an adult. Gross. I am a really active person and enjoy working out a lot. I am also on a rules & regulation committee for THON, which I LOVE!

For the future, I hope to be working in a job in the tech field, although I am not sure quite exactly what. While I am a huge lover of coding, developing, and software, I just simply do not want to do that for my whole adult career. If I were to choose exactly what to do, that would be to do a couple of years as a software developer, then to transition into a project lead or manager. I really enjoy working and leading teams and I have a pretty creative side to me. That is ideal. I am also not sure what kind of industry, but after this upcoming internship, I hope to have a better understanding.

On my YouTube channel this semester, I hope to be able to provide you with helpful and fun content that will show you how to do different projects in software and coding, as well as some of the things in tech that interest me. Check out my SHOCKING video below, I hope you enjoy it!

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