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Implenting VueJS is Easier Than You Think!

Um... but what is VueJS??

VueJS is an open-source framework of JavaScript that you can build a user interface or a single page app! I am ~not the greatest~ at coding in JavaScript. Like I know the BASICS. When I decided to implement VueJS into my previously existing resume project, I expected it to be very difficult. But, its so easy! All you have to do is include the script (src) into the HTML code from a Vue library that you can search and find online!

So then how do you use it in a resume format?

I used VueJS to create a little get to know me visual. I wanted to take a little more fun approach to this, as I previously made a real resume on Code Pen as well with HTML and CSS. The first thing I did was define and create the sections that I would need - name, education, some fun facts, video, and a photo. Vue makes these easy to implement: once they are defined, then you can recall in the HTML loop. Using bullet points was also not too hard -

  • is used to do this puts them in a bullet format automatically! Creating this while using Vue was much more straightforward than I thought it would be.

    Final Thoughts

    Overall, I should not have been as intimidated with the idea of learning VueJS as I was. As someone who knows the very basics of JavaScript (and I mean basicssss) I was just afraid that it was going to take forever to grasp. But alas, it was not! Honestly, spending a couple of minutes to look into the basic syntax and finding a library, and you will be up & at it using Vue! So go try it out. For more of an explanation of the this, watch this video OR just look at the code itself here!

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