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Context API vs Redux-Toolkit

Hello fellow developers 👋, while scrolling through many blogs, articles or documentation you might get around something called state management of an application when you're looking related to react. State Management is a fundamental tool of React as it helps to manage complex actions.

In large applications, React alone is insufficient to handle the complexity which is why some developers use React hooks and others use state management libraries such as Redux.

Features of State Management.

Some of the features of using dedicated state management tools:-

  1. Enables components to communicate with each other and share data.

  2. Allows sharing state between a root component and its direct children.

  3. Facilitates the overriding of the state of a component in the parent component.

  4. Reducing state-related bugs.

  5. State management tool often includes methods for immutable updates plus a way of maintaining snapshots of previous states.

using react state management with redux flowchart

Difference between Context API & Redux Toolkit.

State Management

Context API:- Not a full-fledged state management tool. Passes down values and update functions, but does not have the built-in ability to store, get, update, and notify value changes.

Redux-Toolkit:- A full-fledged state management tool with the built-in ability to store, get, update, and notify value changes.


Context API:- Best for passing static or infrequently updated values and moderately complex state that does not cause performance issues when passed using props.

Redux-Toolkit:- Best for managing large-scale, complex state that requires asynchronous actions and side effects.

Code Complexity

Context API:- Minimal setup and low learning curve. However. can become complex when used with a large number of components and nested Contexts.

Redux-Toolkit:- Requires more setup and configuration but comes with pre-built features like action creators, reducers, and middleware, making it easier to manage large-scale states.


Context API:- Can cause unnecessary re-renders if the state passed down is not simple, and can require the use of additional memoization techniques to optimize performance.

Redux-Toolkit:- Redux is optimized for performance and can handle large-scale state updates without causing unnecessary re-renders.

Developer Tools

Context API:- Does not come with pre-built developer tools but can be used with third-party tools like React Developer Tools.

Redux-Toolkit:- Comes with pre-built developer tools like Redux DevTools that make it easy to debug and trace state changes.

Community Support

Context API:- Has a large and active community with many resources available online.

Redux-Toolkit:- Has an even larger and more active community with extensive resources and plugins available online.

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