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I am working mainly on two projects: TerrainLib and Bayer.js.

TerrainLib is a terrain heightmap generation library written in Python. I'm gearing the library as a way to easily implement terrain generation in other applications, but try to keep it simple enough for people who want to do scripting to get a good result with a few lines of code. I'm looking for people who want to take a look at the various issues I haven't been able to figure out yet (like how I can't save a 16bit PNG file through Pillow, for example), and native English speakers to review the README and documentation.

Bayer.js is a project I started to understand Node.js by getting my hands dirty. I'm using RxJS to handle the data-flow through middlewares. The project is very much in its infancy and things barely work, but there's a basic router and an Express wrapper (which I realize may not really be useful since I don't provide implementation for Express' Request and Response methods...). I'm also experimenting with the monorepo - but still struggle setting up test projects for development purpose.

I'd love any help from anyone, as this is very much a hobby!
Take care everyone :)

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