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Am I someone to listen to or be read/heard about? Possibly not. It might not make any sense at any point of what I say or decisions I make.
I spent most of my social life trying to prove my point about one or another point. With regret I can say it was never a success, but a failure in the eyes of those who ever had any contact with me.
So am I really that lousy?
One of my first harvests of success was back in the teenage days when I was a bass guitarist in a band. I got a contract offer that was implying a small, but stable income just for what I like doing in my own leisure, considering the fact I had to invest financially into this hobby before I would had got the contract.
Social opinions made their best to keep me were I was. No contract, no money, poor social status was the result of emotional pressure from my social environment. I mean, I was 18, what did I know?
These days I find it no different. Moving into IT industry put more questions into me, imposing the above complications.
If all of this might not made any sense so far, I have one thing to say, that I learned throughout many courses of traditional education - be sceptical, abstract as much as possible from what you see, hear, or feel.

OOP is based around abstractions for a fair amount.


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