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How To Successfully Crack A Remote Tech Interview?

With the current remote working trend here to stay, at least in the foreseeable future, remote interviews are also in full swing today. If you are contemplating a job change in IT, you must be prepared for an in-depth virtual tech interview after the preliminary telephonic round.

Even if you are a technically competent professional, a virtual interview can feel quite different if you are not adequately prepared. Here, your preparation includes not only brushing up on your technical skills, but checking on some other aspects too. Let us find out what all you need to ensure to successfully crack a remote technical interview.

Which remote interview application will you need?

The tool you currently use for your remote team meetings may not be the same as what the interviewer uses. So you need to ask them which tool they will use and download it to your computer.
Some of the most popular tools used today are
Google Meet
You might like to keep another tool as a backup option, in case of technical glitches in the former.

What are the modules of the remote interview?

Today, virtual interviews follow a standard format. But it is always good to ask beforehand so that you can prepare accordingly. Usually, there are a few modules along which technical interviews are structured.

These include:

A virtual coding interview

For this, you have to Write code in a specified period
Work in a collaborative web-based IDE or share your screen with the interviewer
Practice coding beforehand in the same tool and know how to compile and execute it
Ensure greater precision while coding on your laptop in an IDE

A virtual system design interview

For system design interviews, Most interviewers prefer virtual whiteboards such as Google Jamboard or Lucidchart.
Focus on the level of concepts and abstraction that best fits the answer.
Ask your interviewer if they want more details.
If this is your first-ever remote technical interview, the best way to prepare yourself is by enrolling in a technical skill booster program.
For instance, you can sign up for test-prep courses conducted by trainig schools. They offers holistic job-oriented tech upskilling programs designed for professionals and beginners. Those organizations guides and grooms you to the right path to crack remote tech interviews to secure remote jobs in top IT product development companies.

How to deal with technical glitches during the interview?

If technical glitches pop up in the middle, you need to avoid chaos and deal with the situation with calm and composure.
Suppose there is extreme lag due to poor internet connection, resulting in a lack of understanding between you and your interviewer.
Minimize the bandwidth required for the interview
Turn off your video and convey the same to your interviewer
Be very clear in communicating the difficulties you are facing
Do not keep saying excuses, but fix the issues as soon as possible
You can suggest or ask them to call them on the phone for the remaining part of the interview. But make sure to keep your computer connected (even if your video is switched off), and share the screen if needed for smoother collaboration.

What else to keep in mind?

To ace your virtual tech interview, there are some more things to remember, like-
You should never use your smartphone for the interview; connect using your laptop or desktop.
Make sure to mute all notifications, including instant messaging, Slack, SMS, basically anything that might suddenly pop up onto your screen during the interview.
Choose a quiet and peaceful zone in your house that comes with minimum distractions.
Ensure ample lighting where you station yourself; avoid backlighting as it only makes your face dark. Your interviewers must be able to see your face properly.
Fix the angle of the camera so that your face is centrally placed in the frame. The aim is to focus on your face and your work, and not all that is present in the room around you.

Bottom Line:

In spite of being fully prepared, if some natural but awkward situations arise, don’t worry about them. Stay calm and handle it with grace.
Managing everything during a remote tech interview is not really overwhelming as you might be thinking now! All you need is practice for things to fall in place naturally.

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