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My first MVC app..

As I set out on Phase 2 at Flatiron, I knew that my next project would be even more complex than my CLI project.

MVC.. Models, Views, and Controllers, all moving parts of an intricate machine. To put it bluntly, I did struggle with concepts and how each gear moved with one another, but I never gave up. I marched on through lab after lab to get to my Sinatra Project which proved to test me in multiple ways, however I learned much more about programming and also much more about myself.

My MVC was based around the career I love, making coffee. Each day I go to work doing what I love, making morning fuel for every day people, I take pride in my work and even more so when I come up with a drink that everyone loves. This inspired me to create an app that will allow user's to view already created drinks by a pro or the user can create a drink on their own and use it for a future order!

To make this application work, structure is the most important thing:

  • app

    • controllers
      • application_controller.rb
      • users_controller.rb
      • drinks_controller.rb
    • models
      • users.rb
      • drinks.rb
    • views
      • users
        • signup.erb
        • login.erb
        • account.rb
      • drinks
        • create_drink.erb
        • index.erb
        • show.erb
        • edit.erb
      • welcome.erb
      • layout.erb
    • public
      • css
      • images

First created the models: user and drinks
user has_secure_password
user has_many :drinks
drinks belong_to :user

Now for controllers, User can login, or signup, or logout.

get '/signup' do
if logged_in?
redirect to "/users/#{@user.slug}"
erb :'users/signup'

get '/login' do
if logged_in?
user = User.find_by(id: session[:user_id])
redirect to "users/#{user.slug}"
erb :'users/login'

get '/logout' do
redirect to '/'

Drinks controller can create drink, edit, or delete a users drink.

get '/drink/new' do
if logged_in?
erb :'drinks/create_drink'
redirect '/login'

patch '/drinks/:id' do
@drink = Drink.find_by_id(params[:id])
if params.empty?
redirect "/drinks/#{}/edit"
elsif logged_in? && !params.empty? && current_user.drinks.include?(@drink)
@drink.update(name: params[:name], size: params[:size], flavor: params[:flavor], milk: params[:milk], toppings: params[:toppings], details: params[:details], user_id: params[:id])
redirect "/drinks/#{}"
redirect '/login'

delete '/drinks/:id' do
@drink = Drink.find_by(id: params[:id])
redirect '/drinks'

With controllers set in place, our views come along with it.
A user can sign in with a user name and password or login. Then, redirect to their account.

A user's drinks can be created, edited, and deleted.

All files end up compiled together to create a working app,
of course with CSS to make it aesthetically pleasing!

The whole process of project planning, creating, testing, and debugging was a long road, but at the end of the day I'm grateful to have made such a project and be able to call it my own.

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