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Rylie Spriggs
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Javascript to the Stars

Another phase completed for Flatiron, this time around I created and in browser single page application using Javascript, CSS, and HTMl for the frontend and a Rails JSON API for the backend.

The frontend consists of both html and js index files, along with an ApiService, Info JS and Comment JS as well as the stylistic portion of CSS to give it that pop.
The backend contains the standard MVC of Ruby on Rails utilizing an active model serializer, migrations, a seed file and resources.

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As for the function of the application, upon loading in, the application user can be wowed by how beautiful Earth is with a photo taken by the International Space Station in orbit.

Upon to start the application, a button to info on Planets is available, here the parameters are set to {planet: name, galaxy, moons, mass, gravity, discovery date}. Who would've guessed that Jupiter's mass is 318 times that of Earth?

From here user can comment on that Planet's info and give their thoughts about it.

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